About Us

We believe you deserve more than just a great website

It always surprises us when we see businesses use their hard-earned money for
a website that looks good but does little to capture their customers’ attention,
let alone entice them to make a purchase.

We believe you deserve to have your message seen and heard whilst ensuring it
resonates with your customers. 

We understand that running a  business requires a lot of time and effort, and
marketing your business shouldn’t have to be another thing on your to-do list. 

ClearSite Digital has been helping clients just like you not only build great
websites but develop a clear and engaging brand message that reaches your
customers on a deeper level.

Book a strategy session so we can help you become irresistible to your
customers to ensure you can get the best return on your investment.

customers working on Messaging-&-Copywriting

Clinton Lucock
Strategic Web Designer
and Conversion Strategist

My Story

Whilst managing a business I was tasked with building a new website. The
site was built and handed over to me without any direction or advice on
how to maintain it or keep it fresh and up to date with the changing needs
of the business. Based on my twenty-plus years of sales experience, I thought customers deserve a better experience and real advice on how to support and grow their business through technology.

Fast forward five years and I decided it was time to help other businesses.

I do what I do because I believe that you deserve someone who cares
about helping your business connect with your customers, build solid
business partnerships and boost your sales. I want to support your
strategic growth and not just build a basic website.

The Chosen Ones

We use the best people who can
provide the best solutions for your individual needs.



Mitchell Lucock
Assistant Web Designer



Robey Lawrence
Developer & Mentor



Toni Livesey
Ecommerce Expert



Angela Pickett
SEO & Content Strategist


Katrina Collins
Social Media Advisor



Heather Porter
Google Ads Advisor



Stuart Livesey
Maintenance & Security Expert



Josh Monday
Graphic Designer